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4. Castle Town (Hradcany) and Prague Castle

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A detailed walk in the neighborhood of the Prague Castle - Pohořelec district, Strahov Monastery with its famous Philosophical and Theological halls of the Library, a viewing terrace, and a unique pilgrim place - Loreta church (Santa Casa and a treasure room) + a walk of the Castle complex and its interiors.

Public transportation and walking on flat surfaces and downhill. Cobblestones.

Strahov Library – adults 100 CZK, students 50 CZK
Loreto Church – adults 150 CZK, students 110 CZK

Prague Castle – Small ticket ("Circuit B") St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower - adults 250 CZK, students 125 CZK, Note: Tickets are valid for two days (the day of the purchase and the following day)

Interesting links: – general info about the president and his office, about the castle complex and opening hours, exhibitions etc., – all about St.Vitus Cathedral, – exhibition Story of the Prague Castle, – art gallery within the Castle complex, - one venue of the National Gallery, located within the castle complex, – Strahov Monastery and Library, – famous Pilgrim Church.

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PRIVATE PRAGUE WALKS (price for private guide service, entrance fees paid separately)
1 - 6 people. Price per group
7+ people. Price per group
4 hours**
Any day of the week

2 800 CZK (115 EUR*)

Upon request
  * EUR count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates
** If you want, the tour can be longer - for hourly rates see prices
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T.G.Masaryk statue
Prague Castle guards
Hradcany square
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