•  FAQ

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy/fees is following:
up to 7 days prior the tour  - no charge
6-3 days - 20%
2-1 days - 50%
less than 24 hours or non-appearance - 100%

Date of cancellation refers to the date and time when a cancellation notice is received by us based on CE time (Central Europe/Czech Republic time), not to the local date and time when a cancellation notice is sent by a customer.


Do you join people in groups?

No, we do not join the people in groups; the philosophy of PW is to arrange private, fully individual tours. Everyone has different requirements and ideas and we always try to meet our clients´needs. Also, the guides are very flexible and they can sometimes change slightly the programme. If you want to share your expenses, good idea might be to arrange a tour with your co-travellers in Prague or get in touch with other tourist visiting Prague in the same term in advance (through travel webs or social sites).