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Due to the fact, that Katerina (Katka) Svobodova has become to be recommended by many past visitors, in several Rick Steves travel books and on some internet travel forums so much in recent years, she has put together a small team of friends, associates, local licensed private guides to be able to satisfy all demands. That is PRAGUEWALKER.

All of below listed guides are very nice people who really like what they are doing. They have a very good English (and other language) knowledge and a nice way of presentation, experience and enthusiasm. We all do our best to make your visit enjoyable and unforgettable - a meeting with a local guide can enrich your own life and traveling experience. With a private guide you will get to see much more than on group trips, as you are not limited by anyone and anything.

Thank you all so much for your good reviews and recommendations! We appreciate it very much. Thanks to you, PRAGUEWALKER has been created and we know that without you, we could not be here!



Gabriela was born and raised in Prague. As for her formal education, she received the Master degree in Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. She has started to work as a guide already as a student; and has been guiding for more than 10 years. She also gained some experience working in a travel agency based in Vienna. She holds all important professional guide licenses.
She speaks English and German very well, and has got a basic knowledge of Italian and Russian languages. Her hobbies are dance, thriller books and gardening. She has got two children.



Irena was born in the Eastern part of our country, in Moravia, but later moved to Prague where she has lived so far. She received her formal education at the Electro-Technical Faculty of the Technical University and was graduated Engineer. Later she studied at the special school for guides in Prague and received all important licenses for this job. She has worked in number of positions in the travel industry since 1998. In 2001 she started to work as a professional guide. Irena loves music, history, arts, literature and sports and is very happy to be able to show you the beauty of our country during your visit.
She speaks English fluently.



Jana was born in Kladno – a small town near Prague. She still lives outside Prague – in a small village called Pletený Újezd. She attended the Anglo-American Academy, where she was taught by native speakers of English from US, Australia and England. Thanks to this school she became fluent in English. To improve her knowledge of English even more, she decided to study English Language and Literature and English Language Teaching Methodology at Masaryk University in Brno. While studying at the University, Jana started to work as a tourist guide and immediately became fond of this job, which then became her hobby as it allows her to combine her interest in history, sights, culture and languages. Jana also has several professional accreditations – a license for guiding in Prague, a license for Jewish Museum and a license for teaching skiing. Besides guiding, she also works as an English-language teacher at a small private university in Kladno. Her hobbies are: travelling, literature and sports (skiing, ice-hockey, cycling…)



Katka has been working as a tour guide of Prague and the Czech Republic since 1998. She also has a several year experience with tour-leading (incl. Rick Steves groups) and tour managing. As for her educational background, she studied at the Charles University in Prague and graduated with B.A. in Humanities and M.A. in Anthropology. She likes to meet various people from different countries and cultures. She is interested in history, architecture, art, music and literature. When guiding, her talks cover important facts, interesting stories, but also legends and rumours which add a special flavour to the explanations. She possess all licenses and certificates needed for this job. She speaks fluent English and Czech and has some knowledge of German language, too. Besides working as a private guide, she runs the PRAGUEWALKER agency.



Lucie was born in Rychnov nad Kneznou, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. In 1996 she graduated from high school in Bechyne. In 1997, after completing the language course at Polyglot school in Prague she left for England where she worked as an au-pair. In 1998 she passed the tour guiding examination at Tyrkys school of tourism in Prague and began to work as a tourist guide. As for her educational background, she studied History of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague between 2000 and 2005. After completing university she worked as an art historian in the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralove. Also, she worked as an assistant to the Countess Diana Sternberg at Castolovice castle.



Michaela was born in Slany, a small town near Prague, but she has been living in Prague ever since. She used to work as a nurse but her love for traveling has finally brought her to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, one of the world's leading cruise companies. During six years of working for this American company, Michaela has traveled around the world, visiting more than 40 countries. She had been cruising in Northern Europe as well as in Mediterranean, South America and Alaska but most of the time in the West Coast of USA and Caribbean.
Michaela has perfected her English during this time and upon her return to the Czech Republic she started working as a tourist guide. In addition to the regular Tourist Guide License she has acquired The Jewish Museum License as well.



Silvie studied French language and history of art at the Prague University. She really loves Prague, her native town and is happy to share her knowledge with travelers coming to visit this beautidul town. She has been guiding since 1999 and has all the necessary licences for guiding, plus she continues to study new facts for the guiding work at every opportunity. She loves travelling, reading, learning new things from others and meeting people. Silvie can speak fluent English and French, and has a basic knowledge of Italian, German and Russian languages.



Vendula is a native Czech and a very experienced and knowledgeable guide. As for her professional background, she studied languages at the Charles University. For many years she has been working as a translator/interpreter and a professional tour guide; she holds all licenses and a trading certificate needed for this job.
She speaks fluent English, German and Russian. She loves Prague, history, art and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the city and her country with visitors from all around the world. With her as your private guide, you will surely not be bored!



Vilma studied economics at the University of Economy in Prague. History and architecture made a great portion of her personal interest. She received all important professional licenses and a trading certificate for this job and has been working as a city guide since 1999. She is able to introduce to you all what you want to see in Prague; her interest is the Jewish history and Prague architecture, its genius loci. She is very caring, entertaining and easy going person.
She speaks Czech, English and German very well, and she also studied Hebrew language for a while.

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