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9. Krivoklat Castle + Nizbor glassworks

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Krivoklat Castle:
Picturesque royal seat built in the 13th century, surrounded by forests, originated as a a support base for the ruling Premyslids dynasty. You can admire the gothic interiors as well as a huge castle library and have a magnificent view from the Great Tower of the castle. The place is famous for lots of regular cultural events and traditional markets.

Nizbor glassworks:

The factory was founded in 1903 by Antonin Rückl, a member of the famous glassmaking family. It manufactures an extensive range of 24% lead crystal decorated with cut in the wide variety of decorations, from simple to very complex and laborious ornamentation, gilding, hand painting and sandblasting. Walking of flat surfaces, up and downhill, cobblestones.

Krivoklat Castle
1. „Gothic palaces tour“ (80 minutes) – tour of the castle courtyard, Augustus jail, prison and other parts of the dungeon, oratories, private spaces Wenceslas IV. (Chapel), also a chapel, a small (Knight's) and large (Royal) hall, library, picture gallery, room devoted to Filipina Welser, Fürstenberg museum and castle. - adults 200 CZK
2. „Basic castle tour“ (100 minutes) – due to reconstruction temporarily closed! - adults 240 CZK

Nizbor glassworks -Excursion (45 minutes) must be booked in advance !
During the excursion the visitors will get to know the individual stages of producing glass crystal by hand, i.e. the furnaces, processing, designing and polishing.

Krivoklat Castle, Nizbor glasswork

Interesting links: Jested Tower, Museum of glass and jewellery

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FULLY PRIVATE TRIP (price for private guide service and driver, entrance fees paid separately)
1 - 2 people + guide. Price per group
3 - 6 people + guide. Price per group
Bigger group
5 hours
all year round, (Castle available April – October, but not on Mondays; November – December only on weekends; glassworks not available on weekends)
5 900 CZK (240 EUR*)
Guide 3 100 + driver/car 2 800 CZK

6 600 CZK (270 EUR*)
Guide 3 100 + driver/minibus 3 500 CZK

Upon request
  * EUR count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates  
Katka recommends
"Let´s visit one of the oldest and most significant medieval castles of Czech princes and kings…and  learn about the process of producing beautiful glass artifacts! "
Krivoklat Castle:  ŠJů, Wikimedia Commons
Nizbor glassworks : Aktron / Wikimedia Commons
Nizbor glassworks
Krivoklat Castle:  Petr1888, Wikimedia Commons
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