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1. Kutna Hora (UNESCO site) and Bone Church in Sedlec

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Kutna Hora is a beautifully preserved medieval town with its quiet atmosphere, in the past known as a famous silver mining and minting town. Among the sites not to be missed there belongs St. Barbora's Cathedral with its valuable wall paintings, a unique Stone Fountain and the Stone House, the former royal mint or the silver mine exposition. On the way back we will visit Sedlec, a village where a famous and at the same time a bizarre church of All Saints with its ossuary is located.

Walking on flat surfaces – smooth and cobblestones. In the former silver mine sometimes narrow and low corridors.

St. Barbara's Cathedral
- adults 85 CZK, students 65 CZK
Hradek (District Museum of Mining) – two possibilities:
1/ exposition of mining and history of Kutna Hora (1 hour) - adults 90 CZK
2/ exposition of mining and actual visit of the silver mine (1,5 hours long tour) - adults 140 CZK
Italian Court (originally a royal mint, now it is a museum of coins) - 100 CZK
Bone Church in Sedlec (cemetery chapel with ossuary) - adults 90 CZK

Kutna Hora

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FULLY PRIVATE TRIP (price for private guide service and driver, entrance fees paid separately)
1 - 2 people + guide. Price per group
3 - 6 people + guide. Price per group
Bigger group
7 hours. All year round (silver mine and museums not available on Mondays, Hrádek closed November - March)
6 500 CZK (265 EUR*)
Guide 3 500 + driver/car 3 000 CZK
7 400 CZK (300 EUR*)
Guide 3 500 + driver/minibus 3 900 CZK
Upon request
  * EUR count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates  
Katka recommends
"Let´s put the miner outfit on, take the lamp and find some silver!"

Kutna Hora  - St. Barbara's Church

Kutna Hora  - Ossuary
Kutna Hora - The Stone Fountain
Kutna Hora - Bone Church in Sedlec
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