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3. Prague Castle

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A comprehensive walk in the whole complex (exteriors, interiors) where princes, kings, emperors of the kingdom of Bohemia resided in the past and currently the Czech president works. Known as one of the biggest castle complexes in the world with a great view of the whole city and beautiful gardens in the summer.

Public transportation and walking on flat surfaces. Cobblestones.


Prague Castle – Small ticket (Circuit B) St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower - 250 CZK/adult, 125 CZK/student
Note: Tickets are valid for two days (the day of the purchase and the following day)

Interesting links: – general info about the president and his office, about the castle complex and opening hours, exhibitions etc., – all about St.Vitus Cathedral, – exhibition Story of the Prague Castle, – art gallery within the Castle complex, - one venue of the National Gallery, located within the castle complex.

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PRIVATE PRAGUE WALKS (price for private guide service, entrance fees paid separately)
1 - 6 people. Price per group
7+ people. Price per group
3 hours**
Any day of the week

2 100 CZK (85 EUR*)

Upon request
  * EUR count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates
** If you want, the tour can be longer - for hourly rates see prices
Katka recommends
"More than 1000 years of the Czech history will come alive in the Europe´s biggest castle complex!"
Golden Gate of St.Vitus Cathedral

Golden Lane

St.Vitus Cathedral spires
Prague Castle courtyard
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