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 7. Grand Royal Route
2. Prague At a Glance in two half days     BEST CHOICE !

All Prague walks are private, it means that they are arranged for you and you are the only people with the guide. We do not join different small groups together unless clients specifically wish to do so.Prague walks

• This is not the "system of showing up", the guide will come at a certain time to your hotel (or any other place you agree on) and will take you to see the first sights.

• The walks are done with the use of public transportation to make it easier and faster and so as the visitor can get most of his visit. Many places of interest are within a short walking distance from each other, that is why we do not offer driving tours and use public transportation. (Or a taxi can be always called when you need it during the tour).

Visitors walk their own pace, have time for stops, questions and can learn a lot about the history, culture or current issues of our country while walking through the main attractions of the city.

The duration of each walk can be altered in the agreement with your demands before the tour. It does not mean you walk for the entire time – tram ride, sit-downs and other breaks are included in the total length of each walk.

• The stated admission to each place of interest is subject to change. The admission will be immediately updated with the reference to eventual announced changes.

• The walk price is based on hours and a number of visitors in a group. The payment will be done in cash after a tour or you can pay in advance.

All guides recommended by PragueWalker are professionals, local experts and “interesting individuals” :-), and are fluent in several foreign languages.

• In case you would like to see a place which is not stated below, let us know and we will design a walk exactly according to your specifications.

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