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2. Terezin/Theresienstadt - former concentration camp

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Terezin (Theresienstadt in German) was built as a fortress town by Josef II., a son of Maria Theresa, to protect the country from the North, from Prusian attacks in the second half of 18th century. The town itself (Big Fortress) was changed into a ghetto for the Jews during WW2 and the Small Fortress (part of the fortification system, used for the military in the past) in a Gestapo prison where political opponents of various nationalities were imprisoned. Terezín wasn't used to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies and gays, it was meant as a transit camp by the occupying Nazi forces. Majority of the Jews were transported from Terezin to the death camps, mainly to Auschwitz and Treblinka where they died; but many others, both the Jews and political prisoners died in Terezin because of appalling living conditions and torturing of guards. Terezín will be always recalled as a tragic symbol of the sufferings of the tens of thousands of innocent people.

You can still see there the entrance gate with “Arbeit macht frei” sign, prisoners´ cells, courtyards of the former Gestapo prison and a fascinating and thought-provoking exhibition of the history of the fortress in the Ghetto Museum. In the Magdeburg barracks the cultural life of Terezin during WW2 is revealed.

Walking on flat smooth surfaces.

A ticket to the Small Fortress and the Museum of Ghetto + Magdeburg Barracks: adults 215 CZK

Theresienstadt concentration camp, Terezin

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Katka recommends
"A very tragic chapter in the 20th century history what will never be forgoten... "
Arrival of  transport to Terezin (1943)
Photos from the Historical Museum collections
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