•  Private country trips
1. Kutna Hora (former silver mining town, UNESCO site) and Bone Chapel in Sedlec   
2. Terezin / Theresienstadt - former concentration camp   9. Krivoklat castle + Nizbor glassworks
3. Terezin Memorial and Lidice village - WW2 tragic history comes alive…  10. Konopiste chateau
4. Plzen (Pilsen) - Home of famous Pilsner Urquell beer  11. Krivoklat castle
5. Karlovy Vary / Carlsbad spa town (and Moser glassworks, Becherovka factory)   12. Karlstejn castle
6. Cesky Krumlov (a jewel of South Bohemia, UNESCO site)  13. Dresden, Germany
7. Karlstejn castle and Konopiste chateau  

• The private trips around the Czech Republic can be arranged in three different ways:

1. As a fully private trip (car/minivan and a driver) + a private guide – the most comfortable way. With a private guide and driver you have more flexibility and care and you can discuss various actual or historical issCesky Krumlovues ofour country while in a car.

2. By using a public train or bus + a private guide – more local adventure. Note: Not possible for all below listed trips! The bus/train schedule limits possibilities when to go. See price

3. With a professional driver only, without a guide. The driver can speak English (some drivers speak only basic English, some have a very god knowledge), but you will do sightseeing on your own, or you will hire a local guide if desired/possible. See price

• The duration of each trip consists of a time to get/return from a destination + a guided walk in the place of interest, coffee/lunch break on longer tours and possibly some free time. In some places, on top of your private guide, a localguide is needed, too. (f.e. interiors of castles and some museums).

• The total trip price depends on the fact if the trip is taken as a fully private one with the use of a private car and with a private guide, or if you go by public train/bus with a guide or if you go only with a professional driver. The stated admission to each place of interest is paid extra. The payment for a private trip will be performed in cash after each trip or via PayPal or by bank transfer in advance.

All guides recommended by PragueWalker are professionals, local experts and “interesting individuals” :-), and are fluent in several foreign languages.

• In case you would like to see a town, village, site which is not stated below, let us know and we will arrange a trip exactly as you wish - we will make a tailor-made trip just for you!

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